“Average” Cost Per-Square-Foot

shutterstock_28786579_couple looking at plans framed homeMyth Busting New Construction FAQ

The Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids (HBAGGR) frequently gets phone calls or e-mails asking the question “So what is the average cost-per-square-foot of new construction?”

Sometimes the answer isn’t always welcome, but unfortunately we do not have an easy answer to this question. Because, it all depends on the homeowner’s choices. In order for a builder to answer this question, he or she would need to ask the homeowner questions like: “What kind of cabinets will be used? What type of windows are you looking for? What will be the quality of the carpeting, flooring, moldings, etc. etc.?”

So, we are sorry to say, but it is not possible to give just one number as the average for new home construction. Buying a house by the square foot would be like buying a car by the pound. Is it a Chevy or is it a Mercedes?

The HBAGGR can however, tell you historical information in summary based on what was built in say, Ada Township, or City of Wyoming. If you call the HBAGGR at (616) 281-2021 you can find out specific information about houses that were built recently in an area you are looking to build. But remember, there are many variables and selections that go into any home, that when all brought together, can drastically change the cost per square foot figures.

Your best bet is to talk to your builder, let him or her know what kind of a house you are considering and what kind of materials you are looking to use, and what your budget is. That builder can then quote you an average price for that particular house.