Calling all volunteers!

We need more members to serve on the HBAM Building Code Committee.


The International Code Council is scheduled to issue the 2018 editions of I-Codes, including the International Residential Code (IRC) somewhere right around September 1st. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs must then hold a public meeting in Lansing within 200 days of the publication of the IRC to hear comments whether to update the 2015 edition of the Michigan Residential Code (MRC) which uses the IRC as its base to the 2018 IRC edition (with changes) or to wait until the 2021 IRC is issued to update the MRC.


During the time between the publication of the IRC and the public meeting, the HBAM Building Code Committee has to compare every one of the probably close to 900 pages of the 2018 IRC with the 830 plus pages of the 2015 MRC to see if we want to advocate for moving to the 2018 edition. The Committee also has to determine what deletions, additions and amendments will need to be made to the 2018 edition.


In addition to the one hour committee meeting at the Island in October, we estimate holding three all-day meetings in Lansing to conduct the review. As of yet we have no dates or times for those meetings.


The bottom line is that it’s a big job and we need more eyes looking at the code book. Contact Andy Lofgren at 616-281-2021 x 250 to get involved!