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Design Trends to Look Out for in 2018

We saw trends of 2017 featured in the media and in our own HBA Parade of Homes this year. The modern farmhouse, bohemian themes, and white kitchens featuring subway tile graced many homes this year. As fall fades away and we launch into winter, it’s time to start thinking about the hot trends 2018 will bring. We sat down with a few of our top designers to discuss what will be in or out.


Pattern Play

“Stripes, checks, florals, and more all play together nicely in the same room,” tells Julie Wynalda of True Vine Creations. “The more patterns, the merrier.” This mixing of shapes and designs is a fantastic way to give the room a memorable feeling without giving a predictable recipe.

Emphasis on Low-Maintenance

Janel Joppie and Dana Rickers of Room Candy shed light on the move from marble countertops and hardwood floors to materials that are more manageable. “We have moved toward more durable materials such as luxury vinyl planking and engineered quartz. Our clients are looking for products that are easy to clean and hold up to pets and children.” There has also been a pull to wallpaper versus painting. There are many brands that create products that are much less permanent and easy to switch out. “Use wallpaper is a whole room or as a feature to highlight a staircase as we did in this clients home,” explains Wynalda.

Bohemian is Here to Stay

The boho trend continues to be a choice for consumers now and is projected to stay popular in 2018. “We have seen some strength in the Bohemian look especially in fabrics, wallpaper and rugs,” report Joppie and Rickers. “This trend focuses on distressed, aged and bohemian patterns with eclectic motifs with vibrant pops of color.”

Brick is Making a Return

Brick fireplaces and exterior elements have been around for centuries and make their way in and out of the trending scene. “Brick is becoming much more popular to use on floors, fireplaces and even kitchen backsplashes,” explains Joppie and Rickers. “We have been doing a lot of white and gray-washed looks.” The more urban homes in our Spring Parade of Homes feature brick walls in home offices and modern dens.

Statement Lighting

Pendant lighting and focal point lamps continue to make waves in the design world. “Lighting designed to make you stop in your tracks and enjoy glow as well as the unique design, is front and center,” says Wynalda. “Never underestimate the power that lighting has on your space and the feeling it provides.” Geometric designs featured in the statement lights grow in popularity.

Mixing Metals

Using mixed brushed nickel, gun metal and even gold accents all in the same room is a growing design move. “The most popular new color is the champagne gold or champagne brass,” Joppie and Rickers explain. It is a much softer version of gold blends well with either nickel or gold finishes. “Mixing metals is not only acceptable, but it’s a great way to find amazing design combinations without being too matchy-matchy,” says Wynalda.  

Overhaul of White

The HGTV show “Fixer Upper” spurred on the movement of white kitchens, ship lap, and refurbished antique décor. Joppie and Rickers explain that the trend is fading, “We’ve had many clients specifically say, ‘no ship lap’. The farmhouse trend flooded the market and is softening due to over-saturation.” With the shift away from white kitchens, there will also be a warming of neutral tones. “Gray is still strong as a base color, but the warm grays are what customers are asking for on walls, floors and countertops,” say Joppie and Rickers. “We also have seen a lot of emphasis on soft blues, seaglass tones, deep navy, as well as soft corals and tone on tone with the reliance of textures to create layers of interest.” With the movement toward healthy living, green is making more of an appearance. “Greenery should remain a go to pop of color for any room,” decribes Wynalda. “The love for gray is a relationship not easily broken and the ties between green and gray will cultivate and grow.”

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