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Are You Destroying Value in Your Home?

It’s hard to find homes with beautiful original hardwood floors. Trends have come and gone, leaving plush carpets to cover, vinyl to replace, and neglect to wear down hardwood flooring. It’s unfortunate that we are losing this valuable asset in homes. Hardwood floors are long-lasting, natural, hypo-allergenic and add an element of old charm that is often lost in modern homes.

Rowdy Lapham of Old to Gold says that the value of hardwood is a personal preference but has also proven to be a timeless desirable feature. “When done correctly, floors are a focal point for homeowners and guests. People will always look where they’re walking,” says Lapham. This knowledge comes from one of the best in West Michigan. Old to Gold is one of only 3 flooring contractors in West Michigan that is in the National Wood Flooring Association as well as Bona Certified. If new flooring is on your radar, first take a step back. There are many factors that weigh on the decision to refinish or replace old hardwood floors.

Price: While some may think it would be easier and cheaper just to scrap the old and bring in the new, they are mistaken. With the replacing process, you pay to tear out the old floor and then pay to install the newer hardwood. “Almost every time, the cost of installing new hardwood floors will exceed the cost of just refinishing,” Lapham says. He admits the only time it makes financial sense to replace is in the case of engineered hardwood floors, which have been installed the last 20 years, “Some of the engineered floors are not able to be refinished due to their construction. So, in this instance, they would have to be replaced instead of refinished once heavy wear is evident; but it’s a case by case basis.”

Maintenance: When caring for hardwood floors, the homeowner must be careful to avoid scratches and often use specific cleaners to clean the floors. To avoid furniture scraping the floors, purchase felt pads to adhere to the feet of your couches and chairs. With carpet, these worries don’t exist to the same extent; homeowners don’t need to worry about furniture or pets scratching the floors and cleaning is often a little simpler.

Value: Restoring old hardwood flooring adds value and sell-ability to a home where carpeting or adding another material can’t measure up. The flooring adds a warm feel to each room as well as giving future buyers an option to customize by adding rugs or refinishing in another stain color for much cheaper than replacing the flooring altogether.

While it may be your preference to bring in new flooring to your older home, you might want to reconsider in order to preserve not only the value, but the charm and historic significance it holds. Use a vetted HBA member- Old to Gold utilizes the latest equipment and products in the business and trains their employees in their testing facility before they are ready for any home project. To get an estimate from them on your flooring project, go to their website at or call 1-800-531-0449. Answer the HBA Nation’s survey questions on the 15th of this month for a chance to win a $250 discount off your flooring project with Old to Gold.