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You Don’t Need to Be a Pro to Use These 15 Design Secrets

Whether you just bought a new home or you’re in need of a new makeover for spring, we have tips from top designers at UBU Home Furnishings that anyone can follow to accomplish a fresh look in your home.

  1. 1. Paint is an inexpensive way to change up an otherwise stale room. Shelby Powley, Interior Design Coordinator at UBU suggests, “think of paint as your backdrop to any room. Choose a color that will transform what you already have.” With the technology and upgrades in the interior paints you can achieve just about any look with paint alone making it a budget friendly design change.
  2. Lighting is key to mood and ambiance. The style of lights can give an attractive element but the type of lighting is important as well. Spot lights on art, ambient lighting, decorative lights, and task lighting all play different but crucial roles in the home.
  3. Everyone has their favorite place to relax or gather so focus on those areas: most people spend 80% of their time at home in 20% of the space. Never sacrifice comfort when buying for these spaces. A comfortable sofa, great barstool, or supportive mattress can be as beautiful as they are inviting.
  4. Create multifunctional spaces. Place a small breakfast table in the kitchen for intimate dining or a desk in the bedroom for secluded and quiet work space.
  5. Always decorate in odd numbers for an eye-catching effect. Get clusters of three with varying heights and shape. Form a triangle that works; play up different textures and patterns.
  6. Create an intimate feel for a room with darker colors and ambient lighting. A sitting room for friends to gather with a drink or a bedroom are a notable example of spaces that can benefit from the laid-back and warm environment.
  7. Make sure the furniture is an appropriate scale for your space. Nothing looks more out of place than a large room with tiny furniture or a small room with huge furniture in it. Working with a designer helps to confirm that the furniture you currently have is appropriate size and style for your room. They will ensure that you are not making costly mistakes with your selection.
  8. Showcase your style with new accents. Powley explains, “by changing out the smaller pieces in your home like a rug, curtains or toss pillows you will be able to change your space without breaking the bank.” Look for accessories like artwork, lamps, and table top items that make you happy and start collecting those.
  9. Open a room up with mirrors and new paint colors. Encourage the flow of chi with some mirrors on side walls. Lighter tints on the walls will make any space feel larger than it is.
  10. Take the easy route. Even changes as simple as rearranging furniture can change a space and give the room a better flow of energy.
  11. 11. Change your overall color scheme to completely makeover the look of your space. This means painting some or all your walls as well as choosing new colors for accents and accessories. Kris Wassink of UBU promises that they, “search far and wide for unique accessories, and display the work of local artists.” There’s specific accessories for any style out there.
  12. Place live plants around the home for positive energy and natural accents.
  13. Choose solids for furniture and patterns on accessories. Main pieces of furniture should be classic in style allowing you to showcase your personal taste in the smaller pieces like throw pillows and rugs.
  14. Don’t be afraid to place area rugs on carpeting for color or pattern changes without replacing the entire carpet.
  15. Go to a pro. When looking to really create that dream space, you can’t go wrong hiring a professional to style the home you want. Wassink assures, “Our designers offer personalized attention through in-store and in-home design services, and they love to help people express their style through the look and feel of their home.”