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Easy Ways to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year

It’s official…the 2018 Pantone color of the year is Ultra Violet

Every year, Pantone releases their defining color of the year, and it usually emulates what’s currently going on in the world of design and beyond.  It will soon be popping up everywhere and on everything.  If you are looking to change things up and bring some purple into your life.  Here are a few ways to bring it into your home without breaking the bank.

1. Paint a Stripe (Not a Whole Wall)

An accent wall is a commitment. And while painting is one of the less expensive updates you can make (one that may even help you sell your home for more down the line), purple is a highly saturated color to be painting an entire wall that you might want to cover up someday.

Instead think about painting a simple strip on one of your walls

2. Throw Some Throws Around

pillowSnag a couple of inexpensive purple throw blankets and drape them over the back of the couch or the end of your bed. If you’re more of a pillow person, find yourself a cozy purple pillow.

3. Purple-fy Your Kitchen

glassesPurple might be a bold choice when it comes to walls and linens, but it’s a natural (and pretty common) addition to any kitchen. Spice up your kitchen with a new set of purple dish towels.  If you’re down to your last glass because somebody can’t wash dishes without breaking them consider restocking with an inexpensive set of purple drinking glasses.

4. Brighten Up the Bathroom

towelsIf you’re looking for a simple update that packs a punch, a shower curtain ranks high on the list. It’s the same effect as an accent wall with a pretty minimal commitment, and whether you go for all the purple or take a more conservative approach, the bathroom is the perfect place to ease into the trend.

If you need even more purple towels and bath mats are an easy addition.

5.  The Walls Have it.

printThe walls are an easy way to introduce this color that is often associated with mindfulness practices, offering us an opportunity to seek refuge from an over-stimulated world.  Embrace the perfect print and create a princely gallery.

 6. Don’t Forget the Animals

Pet beds and dishes often wear out quickly, and your beloved, fur-covered friend might be due for an update anyway. A purple food and water dish will have your cat feeling like the king we know he is, while a colorful, cozy bed will show your dog she’s loved (and pretty trendy, if she cares about appearances).

You don’t have to go crazy to embrace this royal color, but there’s no harm in treating yourself to a little decor update in the name of a trend.