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Update Your Home With This Simple Task

If you’re a homeowner, painting is part of regular home maintenance.  It’s important to maintain the look and value of a beautiful residence.  It also preserves your interior finishes as well as exterior siding and trim. Painting can be one of the best investments- it’s relatively low cost and can dramatically improve the look and feel of an interior or exterior space, it’s an inexpensive remodel! There’s nothing like new paint to refresh your home and living environment at a fraction of the cost of a remodeling project.

Why Paint?

Boosting the curb appeal is just one advantage of upkeep involved in a well-maintained home. It also retains and even often increase its value. Choosing the right colors and finishes are key to adding value. An effective use of color on the exterior of your home can make a stark difference when it comes to showing and selling. Many painters are hired by landlord and real estate developers pre-sale to increase the market value of their properties. Another eye-catching change is to highlight details with different complimenting colors from the main color of the home. This way, you can show off existing elements like gingerbread trim, dentil molding, brackets, or a gable pediment. It will complement the architectural style of the home.

A fresh coat of paint can really update the look of your home. Get the appearance of new cabinets with paint; the white kitchen trend continues to make its appearance in modern homes. Bright colors can make a family or play room fun and vibrant. Pastels can make a bedroom cozy and serene. Another benefit to updating paint in kids rooms or rooms with high traffic is to keep dust and dirt to a minimum. Keeping your interior walls, trim and other surfaces painted can keep dust and dirt at bay, particularly in homes with plaster walls.


Consumers can receive wildly fluctuating bids as each painter and paint company prices projects differently based on their level of expertise and availability. You also should factor in the products and tools that have proven to work well in any given space.  Andrew Hawks, owner of Those Guys Painting Company, explains, “we use ‘PEP’, Painting Estimating Program software, to bid based on square and lineal footage.  The square footage pricing is determined by the Painting and Decorating Contractors Association so our clients get consistent and reasonable pricing every time.” There are other ways that painters will estimate costs to the homeowner to get a job well done. When you compare the price of doing it yourself to the professionals you can trust, many times it pays off to go with the experienced professional.


With the sellers’ market we are seeing today, people are moving into new homes and wanting a change in their new space. It can be hard to find a vetted painter that also has availability. Many of our members prioritize the homeowners that come to the HBA for service. Those Guys Painting Company is one that facilitates multiple painters and crews which creates great flexibility.  “We can generally schedule new projects within 2-3 weeks and can also accommodate rush orders,” explains Hawks. When working on deadlines while moving into a home, it can be convenient to get your project in quickly.


When taking on a project of painting the interior and/or the exterior of your home, it can be important to voice your concerns and preferences. While professional painters spend immense amounts of time analyzing details and formulating prep work, there may be times you have questions. Communication is paramount to a great client experience. “We offer a multi-tiered management system including a sales staff, office administration, and managed operations to ensure each project goes as smoothly as possible.  Every client has access to multiple points of contact with our staff to ensure any questions, concerns, or problems are addressed quickly and efficiently,” says Hawks.

At the end of the day, every homeowner is looking for a quality paint job and a reasonable price with conscientious service. Whether you want new paint to update your home, maintain your curb appeal, increase the value of your house, or keep allergens down, choosing the right professional is vital to a job well done. This is becoming the new industry standard, and with our members like Those Guys Painting Company, we are helping raise the bar in West Michigan.