Fundraising Opportunity for 501c3 Nonprofits

“We don’t have a lot time but we could always use funding to help our organization…”

Attention: Church Groups, College Student Organizations, Sport Teams, School Clubs, PTAs, High School Seniors Parent Committees, Charity Running or Biking Teams, Animal Rescue Organizations…or any other 501c3 nonprofit in Greater Grand Rapids. 

Need a funding opportunity that doesn’t involve door to door sales or asking coworkers to purchase one more thing for your student? Have a great group of volunteers, just not a lot of time?

Consider volunteering your nonprofit group for the Parade of Homes in exchange for a donation for your time and efforts! In addition, we provide a short term time commitment and training.

For the 2013 Parade of Homes, $47,880 was donated to 50 area nonprofits!

Read what Angie Blauwkamp had to say from Mississippi Christian Family Services (volunteers since 1998):

“We are funding an organization that is very needy in Rolling Fort, Mississippi servicing mentally and physically handicap clientele. The Parade of Homes donations allows us to fulfill their needs. When [clients] ask, we fulfill. We have been able to provide lodging with nine fully furnished apartments to our volunteers who come from Grand Rapids, Hudsonville, Connecticut, Washington, and Vermont. We have also been able to purchase new computers for the office staff down there. Most recently, we removed trailers some of our self-sufficient clientele were living in and replaced them with a four-plex unit. We feel blessed that we can go down there and do that!”

Let the Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids help your organization! Call Priscilla Lyon at 616-281-2021 ext. 252 or email


What does it take? 

Each organization is assigned one home to staff, but may choose to staff more than one home if their volunteer base allows.

The commitment is for 9 days falling between May 23rd – June 7th, with an 8 hour shift from 1pm – 9pm each day.

Two people are required to staff the home during each shift. Typically shifts are broken down into 2-3 hour blocks. The primary duties of volunteers include ticket sales and tallying of visitors at their assigned home. A 1 hour training will be provided for each organization’s designated coordinator to attend May 12th 3p-4p, or they may choose May 13th 5:30p-6:30p.

The funds donated back to your organization depend on the amount of overall ticket sales. Last year, approximately $500 was donated to each organization. Donations awarded are based per home staffed. Please note staffing more than one home is dependent on your organization’s position on our seniority list and the number of homes entered in the Parade.


Let the Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids help your organization! Call Priscilla Lyon at 616-281-2021 ext. 252 or email