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The Future of Glass in Homes

Glass and mirrors continue to be prominent features in homes.  Glass adds a timeless, clean look that creates a comfortable living space and adds value to your home.  Combining precision and elegance can give you the customized, clean style that you are looking for.

Shower/ tub enclosures

A glass shower/ tub enclosure can be a beautiful focal point of your bathroom.  A European style or frameless shower brings with it a stylish, clean look.  A clear glass offers a fresh look or one of our many patterns adds a decorative style.  Show off your tile with a crisp, ultra clear low iron glass.

The sturdy, heavy glass is held firmly by professionally engineered hardware.  The hinges operate smoothly allowing the door to swing in and out while keeping gaps extremely tight.  If you also have fixed panels, secure them to the surface with a low profile channel or clips for a more modern look.  We have many different styles of handles and towel bars and with a variety of options you are able to choose the hardware that gives you the look that you want and the best functionality for your design.  Beautiful finishes allow you to match with the other hardware in your bathroom.  Some of the most popular right now are brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and polished chrome.

Keep your shower looking new with a protective glass that protects against corrosion and makes cleaning even easier.


Mirrors reflect light and visually open space whether used practically above a vanity in a bathroom or to enhance other areas in your home.  We have stock, standard sizes or they can be customized to fit your space.   Holes can be drilled to match lighting fixtures and outlets. A polished edge gives a clean finish or a beveled mirror offers a decorative look with angles around the perimeter.   Create a unique look with a modern, backlit mirror or an antique finish for a rustic look.

Glass Tops and Shelves

Glass tops and shelves allow what is on or below the surface to take center stage.  Glass is a natural element that can complement a traditional or contemporary design in any room.  Glass shelves are great for displays and storage.  Glass can be used as a protective top for any surface.

The Residential Department at Vos Glass has a reputation for bringing excellent service and quality craftsmanship to every project. Vos Glass specializes in Shower/ tub enclosures, mirrors, backsplashes, tabletops, shelves and general glass service work.  Go to for help with all your projects and find members like Vos Glass.