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Grand Rapids Public Schools – Academy of Design and Construction

Academy for Design & Construction (ADC) appeals to students grades 9-12 with an interest in architecture, engineering, design, and construction by enriching its academic program with the active involvement of professionals and partnerships with business, trade organizations, institutions, and universities. In addition to integrating the themes of design and construction throughout the curriculum, ADC exposes students to real world landmark structures, sites, and designs through field trips, hands-on learning, job shadowing, mentoring, and professional internships. Students are also able to earn college credit or credits toward post-secondary trades certification. Find out how your company can partner with the ADC and promote the residential construction industry to the next generation.

Gideon Sanders, Director of Innovative Strategies for Innovation Central High School

P: (616) 819-1450 or

Mike Frost, Principal, Innovation Central High Shcool

P: (616) 819-2312 or


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