New Residential Natural Gas Service

To request a new meter, builders will need to provide the following:

  • Meter information – The location where the meter will be installed and the distance, in feet, from the front of the building to the meter
  • Service line length – The distance, in feet, from the property line to the meter location
  • Equipment information – The types of natural gas equipment and BTU input for each piece of equipment, if known.
A one-time application fee of $300 will be charged, and additional fees may apply.
Meter Express Set Process:
Our Express Set process allows installation of gas meters for new residential construction projects shortly after the new service line work is complete.

Advantages of Express Set:

  • Eliminates unnecessary wait time and scheduling headaches
  • Allows you to install fuel lines at your convenience
  • Allows for temporary heat during construction
If your new construction project meets the Express Set requirements, you’ll automatically receive this service. Once you install the fuel line and connect it to the meter, you can establish gas to all the connected natural gas appliances.
Express Set Requirements:
An Express Set is available to new residential and small commercial construction projects. Some restrictions apply when a site requires a larger meter and/or pressure that vary from our standard ¼ psig.
For assistance, send an email to or call us at the appropriate phone number listed below.
Apply by Phone
For questions or to submit an application by phone, call one of the numbers below. A service adviser will call back within 24 hours to discuss your needs. Service requests are usually completed Monday through Friday.
Southeast Michigan: 800.338.0178
Greater Michigan:800.533.6220