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Next Generation/Workforce Development

The Next Generation/Workforce Development efforts aim to support the next generation of housing industry professionals. Through fundraising events, community partnerships, and educational programs, we can prepare students for the industry. The committee strive to support current members through the recruitment, training, and retention of talent for their individual companies and our industry. With community partners and dedicated members, changes are coming for the next generation.


Check out some of our upcoming events:

Next Gen/Workforce Development Hiring Resources and Community Partnerships Subcommittee Meeting

Next Gen/Workforce Development Meeting of the Whole


Thank you to all who serve on our committees and are community partners!

Eric  Eklund, Ryan Nettesheim, Kyle  Welter, Steve Cornwell, Michael Brown, Michael McGraw, Briana Cordes, Todd Peuler, Julie Parks, John Doane, Kyle Lackscheide, Scott Mattson, Gideon Sanders, David VanBaren, Mark Lesperance, Andy Lofgren, Jodie Rykse-Salmoran, Patrick Shanafelt, Amy Pierce, Cary Stamas, Jennifer Summers, Chad Patton, James Fults, Pamela Ballew, Shawn Tylutki, Ryan Lovell, Rowdy Lapham, John Bitely, Attah Obande, Buzz Holtvluwer, Jessica Mielke, Amanda Wildman, Kevin Lutz, Tom Hoffman, David Niewenhuis, Lisa Kozak, Bill Vogt, James Burch