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Purify Your Air While Simplifying Your Cleaning Routine

What if you could have a vacuum system built into your home that not only simplified the way you cleaned but could help reduce your allergies, increase your air purity, and eliminate that nasty “old vacuum smell”? Tom Courtright of WalVac, Inc. explains that you can. “Our systems are made up of lightweight hoses, easy-to-maintain receptacles, and versatile heads. It’s the most effective and efficient way to clean.”

A central vacuum system is made up of a power unit, which is typically installed in the basement, as well as hoses, powerheads, and other accessories. The advantage to this modern cleaning system is clear; all you need to vacuum your home is to connect a light hose to your wall and clean without dragging a bulky vacuum around. The powerheads are versatile, able to switch from carpet to hardwood, and have a soft, wrap-around bumper to protect walls, baseboards and furniture. There are other advantages also, such as increasing air purity and decreasing allergens.

Central vacuum systems are specifically advantageous for people with pets that shed and those with bad allergies. “The reason you have an unpleasant smell come from your vacuum, is because it takes the allergens, pet hair, and dirt, and releases them back into the air. In this way, you are not cleaning efficiently because while you may be momentarily cleaning your floors, you are polluting your air,” describes Courtright. “For those with particularly bad allergies, we can exhaust outside, so none of these pollutants, once vacuumed, are reintroduced into the home’s air.” This way, you are achieving air purity that standard vacuums cannot provide.


There are many different cool features and unique tools that a central vacuum can offer. Here are some provided by WalVac Inc., specifically.

leA VacPan is a dust pan that combines the powerful suction of the central vacuum system and the convenience of a built-in. Kick open the pan after sweeping with a broom for easy cleanup.

A Garage Vac can be added to your garage, auto detail shop, workshop, craft room, utility room, or basement for a variety of cleaning applications, both residential and commercial. You can easily vacuum cars and workspaces.  It can also be used as a light blower for your shop or garage.

A QuietDrive edge cleaning electric brush is perfect for modern homes. A mixture of hard floor surfaces like tile, stone, hard wood and laminate are now as common as traditional wall to wall carpet, vinyl, or linoleum. The use of hard floor surfaces has also increased the use of area rugs, making the WV10 solution an essential tool that can move freely across different types of surfaces without damage to any of them.


The upholstery brush attachment is a perfect feature for pet hair, lint, and dust mites on furniture. Another tool for reducing allergens in the home, the upholstery brush attaches to any hose. Using this neat accessory, you can still snuggle comfortably with your furry loved ones up on the couch without the mess of unwanted pet hairs.



Traditional vacuum cleaners have multiple filters which can become clogged, and belts which can stretch and wear thin, resulting in a loss of suction. Both will need to be replaced occasionally in the lifespan of vacuum cleaners. There is also a smell that begins to manifest after a few years. Owners will have to thoroughly and regularly wash filters, canisters, and hoses. If the smell persists, they may need to be replaced. A central vacuum’s only maintenance comes from replacing the bag and caring for the tools. “If you are a person who keeps things in good condition, your powerheads and hoses can be like-new for 12 years. While we have those customers, we also have those who neglect to care for these parts and need them replaced in 5-7 years,” explains Courtright. “The average life of a WalVac is 20 years. When you look at the long-term costs you have for a vacuum system, the WalVac makes more sense.” While you may have to replace powerheads or other parts, they are still less expensive than an equally powerful traditional vacuum replacement.


A central vacuum system is going to cost more up front than a traditional vacuum, and there is an installation fee as well as the cost of purchasing the power unit, all the hoses and powerheads. However, you will be spending less in the long run, over the lifetime of your central vacuum system. While traditional vacuums are guaranteed to last for up to five years, central vacuum systems last twenty years. There is also less upkeep and maintenance required.

The power unit alone at WalVac costs about the same as a high-quality Dyson vacuum cleaner. This is something to consider when weighing the pros and cons of investing in a central vacuum system. This system also adds value to your home, “because it adds such convenience and lasts for so long, central vacuum systems boost home value,” adds Courtright. With the up-front costs removed from the home buyer, it can be very appealing to inherit the unique upgrade.

In the end, when weighing the pros and cons of replacing your existing vacuum with a central vacuum system, one must consider the up front and long-term costs, convenience, and maintenance. If this kind of system is appealing to you, be sure to contact WalVac Inc. for a free estimate at (616) 241-6717.