Staying Warm During Michigan Winter

michigan winterWas your home ready for the 9” of snow we got throughout this weekend? If you didn’t prepare your home for the cold and snow before now, don’t fret! There are still some things that you can do to guard yourself against the cold temperatures we are expecting this week.

  1.  Once some of the snow has melted, ensure that gutters are securely fastened to the fascia board and clear them of any debris or build up that could inhibit proper drainage. If you have icicles right now that is a good indication that you need to check this out!
  2. Inspect the attic insulation to ensure the entire ceiling area is covered. Insulation should not touch the underside of the roof sheathing, nor should it block vents in the eaves, which could cause condensation buildup and poor air circulation.
  3. Have your heating system(s) inspected and cleaned. If your system has a filter, replace it once every three months.
  4. Inspect all doors and windows for proper operation and ensure the weather stripping is not cracked or torn. You may need to reapply exterior caulk.
  5. To avoid your pipes from freezing, remember to turn your thermostat no lower than 55 degrees.
  6. Check for cracks or damage to the fireplace, and have the chimney cleaned by a licensed chimney sweep.
  7. Be sure to keep up the maintenance on your snow blowers by changing the oil and replacing the spark plug. Don’t forget the bags of salt for those icy sidewalks.
  8. Insulate windows with plastic (kits sold online and at major retailers) and heavy curtains.
  9.  Run your ceiling fan. The fan blades should rotate in a clockwise or “reverse” direction to redistribute warm air, which naturally rises to the top of the ceiling.
  10. Let sunlight in during the day. Allow nature to warm your rooms with some rays of sunshine. At night, close the curtains.

While it may be tedious to go around your home checking windows and gutters, it can pay off for your comfort and in your utility bills. For more tips on home maintenance go to