Home Safety Checklist For The Holidays

The holiday season is a special time for family gatherings and festive celebrations, but it’s also an important time for home owners to keep some basic safety precautions top of mind. Indeed, crime rates tend to rise during the holiday season – Thanksgiving to New Year’s –because of the increased number of consumers shopping for […]

Which Flooring Option Is Right For You?

You’re hosting family and friends this holiday season and noticing things in your home you’ve never noticed before… When did those fingerprints get on the white cabinets? Where did all those scratches in the hardwood floors come from?Why did I think carpet was the best choice for the dining room? Whatever it is about seeing […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

Staying warm during Michigan winters shouldn’t cost you a fortune. It’s all too easy to forget about the energy-efficiency your home when you’re busy with the start of the holiday season. Before you know it, however, the snow and frigid air will be testing your home’s ability to keep in warm air. Ideally, you can […]

I Refinished My Own Hardwood Floors- Here’s What Happened

  I recently moved into a 90-year-old home in Lansing. It’s been well taken care of throughout the decades and while it shows wear, it is in excellent condition. One feature did not fit in with our vision for the home, the vibrant orange carpeting on 400 square feet of the first floor. When my […]

Create a Multifunctional Living Space

Lower levels can be a small room or take up an entire floor of your home. There are plenty of options when it comes to using the space effectively. Maximizing efficiency also means getting the most out of the room, which could mean creating functional storage for seldom- used decorations or adding a fun family […]

The Floor Plan Everyone Wants

Whether looking for a new home or revamping a current residence, home owners continue to be drawn to the feelings of spaciousness, easy flow and welcoming togetherness evoked by an open floor plan. This is a trend that began in the early 20th century and has continued to make appearances in home design today.   […]

To Move or Remodel?

You’ve decided its time for a change or upgrade for a number of reasons. Your house doesn’t fit your needs, and you can’t deny it anymore.  The first step is to evaluate your motivation for change.  Is it because you need to move closer to work or do you feel you’ve hit the maximum capacity […]

Update Your Home With This Simple Task

If you’re a homeowner, painting is part of regular home maintenance.  It’s important to maintain the look and value of a beautiful residence.  It also preserves your interior finishes as well as exterior siding and trim. Painting can be one of the best investments- it’s relatively low cost and can dramatically improve the look and […]

You Don’t Need to Be a Pro to Use These 15 Design Secrets

Whether you just bought a new home or you’re in need of a new makeover for spring, we have tips from top designers at UBU Home Furnishings that anyone can follow to accomplish a fresh look in your home. 1. Paint is an inexpensive way to change up an otherwise stale room. Shelby Powley, Interior […]