NAHB provides members with wide variety of discounts

As a benefit of being a member, you have access to discounts and savings opportunities offered by many top companies. All programs, rates and prices are subject to change without notice. NAHB members can access each program using the co-branded links below, or download an overview of all discounts including phone numbers and program codes.

NAHB Summarizes Tax Reform Plan and Its Impact on Housing

House Republicans unveiled their tax reform bill today and unfortunately it is even worse than we thought. As NAHB staff continues to analyze the 429-page legislative package, we wanted to quickly provide an overview of the bill to our members. NAHB believes this plan will ultimately harm home values, act as a tax on middle-class […]

9 Ways to Decorate Your Home For Fall

The season change is beginning; kids are going back to school, it’s cooling down from that summer heatwave, and all those seasonal flavors are popping up in stores. Fall in Michigan can be a magical experience with leaves turning amber and gold, to the crisp air that carries the promise of football games, hay rides, […]

Create a Multifunctional Living Space

Lower levels can be a small room or take up an entire floor of your home. There are plenty of options when it comes to using the space effectively. Maximizing efficiency also means getting the most out of the room, which could mean creating functional storage for seldom- used decorations or adding a fun family […]

6 Tips to Designing the Ultimate Playroom

Kids of all ages love to play. While sometimes it may seem like it’s only on their electronics, they are unique individuals who need their creativity and interests encouraged and explored. Having a room dedicated to your child’s imagination and play benefits the child as well as yourself. You will be able to host guests […]

Purify Your Air While Simplifying Your Cleaning Routine

What if you could have a vacuum system built into your home that not only simplified the way you cleaned but could help reduce your allergies, increase your air purity, and eliminate that nasty “old vacuum smell”? Tom Courtright of WalVac, Inc. explains that you can. “Our systems are made up of lightweight hoses, easy-to-maintain […]

7 Tips to Avoid the Dangers of Fireworks

Happy holiday weekend! The Fourth of July brings family and friends together every summer to enjoy great food and fun festivities. We go out on boats, have barbecues, and watch fireworks shows. Fireworks are beautiful, but they’re also dangerous. Every year, fire departments across the country prepare for their busiest time of year. “We have already […]

Update Your Home with This Simple Task

If you’re a homeowner, painting is part of regular home maintenance.  It’s important to maintain the look and value of a beautiful residence.  It also preserves your interior finishes as well as exterior siding and trim. Painting can be one of the best investments- it’s relatively low cost and can dramatically improve the look and […]

A Look At The Benefits Of Aging In Place: How To Stay In Your Own Home

According to recent studies, as many as 90% of seniors over the age of 65 say they want to stay in their own homes as long as possible, and for many, this idea is appealing for many different reasons. It’s also very doable; with a few modifications and changes, most seniors can ensure their home […]

Are You Destroying Value in Your Home?

It’s hard to find homes with beautiful original hardwood floors. Trends have come and gone, leaving plush carpets to cover, vinyl to replace, and neglect to wear down hardwood flooring. It’s unfortunate that we are losing this valuable asset in homes. Hardwood floors are long-lasting, natural, hypo-allergenic and add an element of old charm that […]